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Frequently Asked Questions

What is provided with a fishing charter?

High quality lures, rods, reels, bottled water, cooler with ice are included.


Do I need a fishing license for the fishing charter?

You do not need a fishing license. The captain’s license covers all customers in the boat.


What is provided with a snorkeling charter?

Swim fins, snorkel, mask, bottled water, cooler with ice are included.


What is the Seafood Cruise?

This excursion is to the village of Chimo, near the south point of the bay. Chimo is a small commercial fishing village with little tourism. The trip to Chimo is at a leisurely pace with Captain Luis telling about the various villages and beaches. Once in Chimo, you will be transferred into a canoe then shuttled to shore. In a sea-side outdoor restaurant, you will feast on the freshest fish and seafood. The restaurant serves many menu items caught by its owner and prepared by his wife and daughters. While your food is being prepared, you can walk around the village and witness what life is like in a remote fishing village. This is truly a special experience. Included with the charter is bottled water, cooler with ice and 2 beers per person. Additional expenses include small fee for the canoe transfer, your food and drink at the restaurant.


What are customary tipping practices?

Tipping is at your discretion based on the performance of the crew and is greatly appreciated. If you believe you had a great experience and you are compelled to tip, please tip the captain and deckhand separately.


Do fishing charters always catch fish?

There’s a reason it’s called fishing and not catching! Most charters are successful catching fish. There are however, rare occasions where the conditions have changed and the fish become inactive and quit feeding. There’s no way of knowing ahead of time this will happen. Be confident Captain Luis will work hard for you to have a great experience and catch as many fish as possible!


What are the snorkeling options?

Snorkeling at the Marieta Islands and inside the Love Cave is the most popular and advertised location. It is a unique and wonderful snorkeling experience. Because of its popularity, there are always a lot of people there. This area is regulated by the federal government and requires an additional fee to access it. Each excursion company is limited to only certain days they can take customers to the Marietas and are also limited how many they can take there. Bracelets are issued and worn by snorkelers to identify that have paid the permit fee(included in the Garcia Charters excursion fee). The trip to the Marietas is 1 hour each way. There are other much closer areas to snorkel that have lots of colorful fish and interesting things to see. These snorkeling locations are a less expensive, allow more snorkel time (less travel time) and have very few people there snorkeling. In fact, sometimes your group is the only one.


How is a charter reserved and paid for?

You will reserve your charter online communicating directly with Captain Luis via email or text. He will email an invoice for a 50% deposit plus a little PayPal transaction fee. The balance of your charter will be paid in cash once the charter is finished.


Are there different charters available other than what’s listed on the web site?

Yes! In addition to the most popular Garcia Charters excursions, you can request any way you want to spend your time. This includes charters that are a combination of snorkeling and fishing. Some prefer doing nature watching. Captain Luis will gladly customize your charter to do exactly what you want.


Is there a bathroom available on the boat?

Captain Luis’ boat has a small enclosed head (bathroom) on board.


What is different about fishing with Garcia Charters compared to others?

Captain Luis is an avid fisherman, often fishing on his days off. He has a lifelong knowledge and practiced skills finding and catching fish. His boat and equipment are very clean, organized and well maintained. Captain Luis’ is well known and respected by other top charter captains in the bay area. Captain Luis collaborates with his peer group of charter captains to help each other find and catch fish. This makes all the difference.


What are fishing charter minimum hours?

From Yelapa, 4 hours. From Boca de Tomatlan, 6 hours. From Los Muertos Pier in PV, 8 hours.


Can I cancel my charter once I have reserved it?

Should the conditions not be suitable for a safe excursion, your charter will be rescheduled for another day. If rescheduling isn’t an option, your deposit will be refunded except for the small PayPal transaction fee. Should you have a change in plans and not be able to go on your reserved charter, you will have a credit for your next charter that is good for an indefinite amount of time.


Can I keep the fish we catch?

The fish you catch and yours to keep, release live or share with the crew.


Is fish cleaning provided?

The crew will clean and package your fish for transportation.


Can I take fish home from Mexico?

You can take fish home and may people do. The most common way this is done is by freezing the fish then placing them in a cooler bag just prior to departing for your trip home.


How many can on a fishing charter?

For inshore or bay fishing, there is a maximum of 4 customers. For offshore fishing, the maximum is 3. Larger groups are not problem! Captain Luis will arrange for another boat so everyone can go. This is a great opportunity to have fun with your own fishing tournament between the two boats!


How many can go on a snorkeling charter?

There is a license maximum of 8 people for snorkeling on a Garcia Charters excursion at the Marietas Islands. For snorkeling in other areas, Garcia Charters can accommodate up to 18 people.


Can I share a charter with another person or group?

You may share your charter with other people but it is recommended you make these arrangements yourself. While sharing a charter may work well for some, there is always a chance the other party gets motion sick or may want to go in early. There are many other things that can happen between people sharing charters that could cause incompatibility.

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