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Lodging Package #1

$2,380 for 7 nights lodging* in Yelapa and three 8 hour days of fishing for 3 people.

Lodging Package #2

$640 for 7 nights lodging* in Yelapa and one 8 hour day snorkeling and/or birdwatching at the Marieta Islands.

​*See Lodging for additional accommodations.
Call if interested in reserving per month - special discounts apply, all vacation rentals available on Garcia Rentals

Excursion Duration: 4 hours
Excursion Cost: $300

Maximum People: 4

​​Catch Dorado (also known as Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish), Sailfish, Mackerel, Jack Crevalle and more!

Excursion Duration: 8 hours
Excursion Cost: $520

Maximum People: 4

Travel time is 1 hour each way. Catch Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Marlin, Roosterfish and more!

Travel time is 1.5 hours each way. Catch Yellow Fin Tuna, Marlin, Red Snapper and more!

Excursion Duration: 10 hours
Excursion Cost: $650

Maximum People: 3

Excursion Duration: 12 hours
Excursion Cost: $840

Maximum People: 3

Travel time is 3 hours each way. Catch really big Yellow Fin Tuna, Marlin and more! This is open deep blue water and absolutely the best opportunity to catch amazing sport fish!!!

From Yelapa $80 per person or $85 per person with access to the love cave.  6 person minimum.  We help find others if you are a small party. $15 per person extra from PV.  

*** Special lower rates for snorkel trips to other areas or trips customized especially for you.

Excursion Duration: 5 hours
Excursion Cost: varied

Maximum People: 8

​Garcia Charters is located in Yelapa, just a little south of Puerto Vallarta. I will pick you up in Yelapa or at the Los Muertos Pier in Puerto Vallarta. Trips from Yelapa have a 4 hour minimum. Trips from Puerto Vallarta have an 8 hour minimum beginning with departure from the pier. With all trips, fresh ceviche with your catch and cooler with ice is provided. Maximum 3 people for each fishing trip. If you want a different number of lodging nights or activity days, contact Garcia Charters and we will create a package to accommodate you with a good discount. Below are fishing/excursion prices quoted in USD.

Excursion Duration: 4 hours from Yelapa or 6 hours from PV Los Muertos Pier

Excursion Cost from Yelapa: $45 per person, $180 trip minimum + food & drink expense

Excursion Cost from PV Los Muertos Pier: $80 per person, $400 trip minimum + food & drink expense

Maximum People: 10

Excursion Duration: 6 hours from PV Los Muertos Pier

Excursion Cost: $400 trip minimum per boat + food & drink expense

Maximum People: 8 per boat

Visit the beautiful remote village of Yelapa, about 15 miles to the south of PV only accessible by water. Enjoy nature watching boat ride, snorkeling, walking tour of Yelapa including a visit to a waterfalls and a

great lunch on the beach.

Relaxing nature watching cruise to remote village of El Chimo for fresh seafood lunch including choice of shrimp, lobster, fish and much more. Increase length of trip and add 2 hours of snorkeling: $22 per person, $88 minimum additional.